Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My short glimpse at my week

Internet is very sparse around here - I only manage to get on it every
4-5 days, but I have found a new system that works - in my down time I
can write and save emails, then send them when I get to an internet
connection. The discovery has blessed me! So right now, I am lying in
my room, fan going, windows open and the monsoon rains falling. It
has, for the first time, created a cool breeze into my room and I am
enjoying it very much. Tomorrow I am going to meet with 2 woman who
live here with their husbands who work for British Gas, they have
invited me to have coffee with them tomorrow, so that will be really
nice to have the contact with my western comforts of living. I am
taking 2 more training sessions for the teachers this week...the first
one for the Kindergarten teachers, in which I have developed a
curriculum and a method of planning for them that I will train them
on. The KG part of Vision Rescue is very new and the teachers have
zero direction, so my prayer is that this will give them something to
lean on and give them more structure as I have seen them sitting there
literally doing nothing at times.

On Friday I will continue the training with the Primary teachers, I
have developed their planning formats so that it is much more straight
forward and easier to digest. I will also be teaching them to interact
with the children in a more positive and lively manner so engage them
in the learning. So...keep all those in your thoughts and prayers. As
always, there is some trepidation about new ideas and ways of doing
things so I would love open hearts and ears.

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