Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Teacher Training

On Friday, I concluded the teacher training that I have had the
privilege of doing. I gave each teacher a clear file of all the notes
from the training, new songs, games, copies of the new planning format
and they were so stoked. A clear file that was organised and brought
for them, each. The delight on their faces was beautiful when I asked
them to write their names on the front with a permanent marker and I
think they finally felt worth something.

After going through the paper stuff, we just played games and had fun
together, I wanted to keep the mood light and let them know that they
can really enjoy themselves in an extremely hard and taxing job.

Over the few weeks that I have been having the training sessions, I
have seen people lighten up, relax and open up a whole lot. From the
first session, I felt they were cold, worried about what others would
think, they wouldn't participate like I wanted them to. Slowly,
they've come out of their shells, I have demanded it from them and it
has been invaluable for them as people and them as teachers. On Friday
I saw them laughing in hysterics, not caring about how they look or
what others think, completely letting their guards down and not being
afraid. It was such a freeing experience for everyone, and such a
beautiful sight for me.

I really felt in that moment, as I got one of the teachers to lead a
game I had just taught and seeing everyone roll in laughter, that I
had really done something here. If that's all I did, and that's all
that they remember, then I am happy with that.

At the end of the training, I gave the Kindergarten teachers the large
pack of goodies that I had made for each of them, including maths,
phonics and english resources, story books, toys, puzzles and other
things for developing language, personal skills and relationships and
the smiles were again, so impacting. Something that seemed so little
and small on my end will impact their ability to teach greatly, and it
only took a few thousand Indian Rupees per pack and a few days of
planning and organisation to make it happen.

My main work has been to develop a working model for the Kindergarten
programme as it is so new, but greatly needed. It has been fun taking
something from absolutely nothing, and moulding it into something that
will really work, putting resources and skills in the teachers hands,
and seeing them run with it, with enthusiasm. I really hope that it is
only the beginning of something great, that will take on its own shape
and continue to grow and adapt where it needs to.

I also purchased some more hands on resources for the buses like story
books, measuring tapes etc and gave the teachers them as well. The
need was not as great as it was for the KG team, so I was pleased to
be able to give to that. Don't get me wrong, the need is still so
great...but for the time and money that I had received to put into it,
that is what I was able to do and it was greatly appreciated.

So to all the people that so generously gave, that is what you gave
to. And now, in the Kindergarten programme, over 200 2-5 year olds
that they see per day will get hands on resources and activities to
see and do every day instead of sitting on a mat waiting for their
food. It seems worthy when you see the 200 precious little faces.

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