Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing Roshan

Roshan is an amazing guy that was rescued off the streets of Mumbai.
As he sat outside the kitchen where we prepare the meals for all the
buses, in broken English, he started to share his story with me. I was
truly blessed, and I think that you will be too.

From a very young age Roshan was homeless and parent-less, with no
mother or father, this tiny child had to fend for himself in a pretty
hectic city where there is so much desperation and need. For years and
years he was his own keeper, he had no one to lean on, or rely on. He
was his own family, he kept himself alive and provided for himself.
When the boys at Vision Rescue found him, he was sleeping in the
gutter and also eating the 'gutter food', as he called it, as he
gestured putting his hand in his mouth. He told me he had a Muslim
background, and this new Jesus that they shared with him was
refreshing, they continued to visit him on the streets everyday, would
give him food and talk to him about Jesus. At the time he was also
hooked on 'brown sugar' as he called it, which I assume is some kind
of drugs. Vision Rescue encouraged him to get clean and provided ways
for that to happen. The team took him in to their homes, and now 5
years later, he loves Jesus, is working in the kitchen, has great
relationships with the others that he works with, is drug free, and is
also learning to read and write, which he has never had the
opportunity to do.

With a tear in his eye, Roshan told me that I am his family and calls
me sister, and he told me that all of the people at Vision Rescue are
his family, he now has a father and mother, brothers and sisters and
he is so blessed.

Roshan, along with about 10 guys live in one room next to the kitchen.
This, for him and all of the other men that have been rescued and
found their way there, is luxury. It is luxury in more ways than one,
as it is more than just shelter and food. It is relationship, it is
family and it is functioning. They work, live and play together, they
have purpose and vision and hope for their lives.

Roshan has such joy in his heart that can only be described as
experiencing Jesus. He is a new man, a new creation and he is
wonderful. He constantly talks about Jesus, both in the Hindi language
and broken English. Someone recently gave him a phone and loaded an
audio bible on it so now he plays his bible out loud everywhere he
goes as well as some worship songs.

Roshans life challenges me to be so thankful and to find joy in all
circumstances, celebrating Jesus continually, and I hope it does for
you too.

I don't know why it was Roshan that was picked up off the streets, but
I know he is literally one in a million. Think how many other stories
could be set on a new path like Roshan if we just did

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  1. Hi my dear, friend,just wanted to let you know I actually look forward to your updates in my inbox. I love the picture and stories you have put up. Just want to tell you how inspired I am by your courage, your ever growing heart and the perspective you have on life. Love you lots and lots and we will always be praying for you.