Monday, November 1, 2010

Ending, but just beginning.

I'm sitting here on the tarmac of London Heathrow T5. I feel that it is the end of a sweet, exciting, fun, hard, challenging and adventurous season of living in London and all that meant for me. I actually felt like this trip of just a few days was a little bonus, and that I was so blessed to be able to see great friends again.

As I contemplate the ending of something that has been so life changing, I also get the sweet reminder that the end is still only the beginning. It is the beginning of something that will probably be even more exciting, fun, hard, challenging and adventurous. But something that God has prepared me for, and for that I am so thankful.

Tomorrow morning - Londons breakfast time, USAs middle of the night and NZs dinner time, I will be landing in the heat of Mumbai, India. In my mind I simply cannot make a comparison of the differences in things that I will see and do. Its absurd to me that I can get on the plane, and shortly land in a place that will be so foreign to me in more ways than one. is time to turn off and fly. I will be sure to keep the updates coming, and your part of the deal is to keep the prayers coming!

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