Friday, March 9, 2012

Writing, Writing...

It has been a while since I really sat down and wrote - I'm not talking an email, a blog, not an assignment or essay, school reports or a daily plan...I mean, write. Just for me, just for Him.

Someone got me thinking about this the other day. I don't really remember a time that didn't write. It has been a theme throughout my life, I remember having my folders of cherished poems and short stories that I had penned as a child. As I grew, and when I met Christ I loved to write in my journal - it gave me freedom, a voice, a place to be confused and work it out, later it evolved to this blog. Ultimately, writing has always given me a place to connect with people and with Him.

I realize that it has been lost of late. I guess there's a thousand different reasons for why. But my heart is really pointing to one. I hate to say it - but maybe it has been because I have not been placing enough value on the One whom I get to connect with. That saddens me to say, but I think sometimes life overruns and somehow we (or I) just get on the autopilot mode, when I'm there I'm busy.

Busy filling my mind, my actions, my days with seemingly significant, but ultimately unimportant stuff. I fill my days with making myself feel important and valid, I do good deeds and enjoy the moments, I pray and say 'God Bless me..', I connect with people and love on them - but sometimes the motivation of for Him, or for me is blurred. It's been a while since I have been diligent in writing to connect with Him on a daily basis - randoms, yes of course - dailies, no.

I miss it. I miss Him.

I miss this too - my forum to write to the people around the world who I love and cherish dearly. I'm sorry that I don't often get to write you all individual emails, but I hope that you feel connected to me enough through this. I will be more diligent about writing on here...

Famous last words! Hah!

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