Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fulfilling Requests

I've had a few requests over the last little while to write some about my time in the USA. I discovered a draft post in the multitudes of posts that I have began, and never ended so I thought I would post that, and add to it.

I titled it: For the Love of America...

It has been a fast 2 and 1/2 months...full of adventure, full of processing, full of preparing and full of learning.

Friends and family continue to amaze me with their continual love, devotion, sacrifice and patience. I don't understand why God graced me so abundantly with placing these incredible people in my life, but He did, and I am thankful beyond words.

Alan and Cameron, who house and feed me and invite me into their chaotic and fun world, with 4 kids full of life, do much more than just give me a room. They show me Jesus. They spiral me into a deeper world of thought, love and Gods redeeming grace. I can't imagine how life would look if they simply didn't continue to be available for me coming, to rest, to rejuvenate and to replenish my soul.

Mama and Papa, Cam's parents who live next door are like people you can only imagine in some type of dream. Their sweets spirits full of Jesus make me want to be just like them when I grow up. They are towers of strength through trying circumstances, they are full of joy in all things, they 'are' (as in their whole being) wisdom, and they have lovingly adopted me into their family and embraced me like I can only liken my daddy in heaven embracing me.

Gorgeous friends Jenny and Eric, Kelly and Chris, Miller and D who I love dearly and who I cherish every spare moment they can give me...everyone else in the valley that I have met, old and new, over the past 10 years that I have gotten to know and love and value who they are, what they do and where their lives are going. There are people with such passion, love and commitment to Jesus. People who desire intimacy and community with each other and won't settle for the complacency that sometimes life brings. People who stretch and grow me to where it's uncomfortable, but to where God is calling me.

I just cherish this place. For the people, for the memories, for that 'secret place' of mine that it has become. 

There are now less than 2 weeks that I get to spend here, and as my time is drawing to an end, I know in my heart that it is time to move on to the next adventure, challenge and blessing, and then to the next, and to the next...but sometimes, I wish that I could just settle here. My heart is content here, I love it here, but for now, it is not where God is calling me.

Next : Who knows?!


That was where my heart was a couple weeks before heading back here to New Zealand. Seriously - I mean every word. 

Now for my favorite moments in pictures...these things really blessed me. 

Meeting Pate, enjoying her and watching her grow.
 Giving this thing a whirl...
 Crazy Nettie May and her Christmas gifts.
 Papa Santa.
 Christmas story by these little cuties...
 Papa narrating the Christmas story.
 Meeting the international students and getting to hang out with them every week. Lots of fun! 
 Introducing my great friend Fatih from Turkey to the snow and mountains.
 These guys...
 Endless beauty.
 Pate times. 
 Skiing with internationals - their first time! 
 Snowmobiling in fresh powder with possibly the coolest kid on the planet. 
 Coffee, sun and fun with my favorite conversationalist! 
 Spa day with the ladies! 
 Watching these little people grow up...
 'Walking on water' - watching the kite boarders out on the lake. 

 More fun with the internationals. 
 Martini night with my good friend Jen! 
 Fresh Meat. 
 Fun ice skating with the whole family. 

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