Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Wish

A week or two ago I pledged to WaterForward - a fantastic initiative by Charity:Water.

It works like the 'pay it forward' idea - I buy 'spaces' for $10 each, all of that money goes towards building wells and providing clean and safe drinking water to communities around the world that currently don't have it. The idea is that 5 of my friends fill those spaces that I paid for - and they each buy some more spaces to pass on to their friends.

5 seemed like a good number to me. It was easy - I only had to contribute $50, and with no job I felt like that was a sacrifice, but one that I was totally ready and eager to make. If I passed on 5 spaces, and each of my friends passed on 5 spaces - that meant that I would be initiating $250 worth of fundraising for water. I like that idea.

But, I keep getting these emails from WaterForward to say that my 5 spaces have not yet been filled. That makes me so sad. This isn't a manipulative attempt to all get you to fill those spaces. I just thought that when I emailed out the request, that 5 spaces would have been easily filled. I thought, "Man, I wish I was in a position to give more, because those 5 spaces are not enough".

I guess I was wrong. Yes, it makes me sad, but I know that I have people in my world who are already world changers - they influence the people they are with, they love deeply, give freely. I know from the bottom of my heart that it would have just slipped peoples thoughts, but really - I'm urging you...this is important. I don't need to remind you of what it means when people don't have clean water, because you all already know.

So. As some of you know - it was my birthday yesterday/today depending where in the world you are. This is my feeble attempt at asking you to give to this initiative as a birthday gift to me, and really think about who you can pass on this water space to - someone who will be excited about the concept.

Here's the link

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