Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

New York City never disappoints. It didn't matter that I was by myself this trip, unlike the last time that I was here with 6 crazy friends from around the globe with London as our common home.

My trip had a different feel about it. A bitter/sweet moment of leaving London as my home and embarking on my next adventure - spending the next 4 months of my life as a gypsy in no mans land. I am excited, I am nervous and scared, ecstatic, hopeful and most other emotions that I choose to face.

Nevertheless, I am approaching this space of my life as 'fearless', or trying to at least. Stepping off the plane at JFK was exciting, driving into Manhattan was just as breathtaking as the last, and the city of dreams has really turned up the heat.

I came with one goal only - to get lost in the streets, sights, smells, lights, tastes, sounds and people of NYC - and I must say I did it well.

Foolishly deciding that I would never be seen dead in NYC with trainers on, I swapped them for new flats, hit the streets and hit em hard (and now have the blisters to prove!).

From walking the entire length of 5th & 7th Avenue and Broadway from Central Park to TriBeCa, as well as along the Hudson. Passing landmarks like the Empire State, Madison Square Gardens, World Trade Centre, Lady Liberty and many more. I stopped at a TriBeCa local diner and had a world famous Turkey Club before jumping on the Staten Island ferry at dusk. What a beautiful sight - Manhattan skyline at dusk on the trip there, then dark on the return journey. Other things I jammed in...

Cruised the Hudson river and saw this beauty...

Found my way into a Yankees game....

People watched in Grand Central Station.

Went to the NYDC 2nd Anniversary celebrations.

Rode the Staten Island Ferry and admired this view...

Concluded that Times Square has to be one of the coolest places ever...

 Huge Landmarks...and huger views...

Watched a movie being filmed in Central Park.

Joined in a free yoga class at Bryant Park.

Failed at taking photos of the Farmers market at Union Square.Also got lost in the streets of Soho and Little Italy, finding antiques, vintage shops and delicious little deli's.

So there you have it, my whirlwind adventure in NYC, jammed packed full of goodness. I am getting on this flight exhausted, but excited for my next stop...New Mexico :-)

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