Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birds and Beads

As people are becoming more aware of my approaching trip to Mumbai, India, I just wanted to share a little more about it and give an opportunity for people to support through donations and prayer.

Mumbai is the largest populated city in both India and the world, reaching 14 million in the city alone. It was formally called Bombay and is the business centre of India. It is a thriving city that has all the modern conveniences of other developing countries with plenty of wealth in some areas. Along with the extreme wealth, lies extreme poverty and houses some of the poorest people in the world, and has the largest slums in the world.

I am going to a wonderful ministry called Vision Rescue, under a local pastor, Biju Thampy, who saw a need and started to meet that need in 2004. Today, Vision Rescue reaches about 850 street children per day in 15 locations in Mumbai city where they are taught hygiene, basic education and are provided with a hot meal. The venue for this to happen is on a school bus that they have converted to make a sufficient classroom environment, and they drive this bus to the various locations throughout the day.

When I am there, I have the privilege of getting to train some of the volunteers who teach the children just to give them more skills and strategies in order to teach the children more efficiently as they have no teaching backgrounds. I will also get to spend some time with the children, teaching them English, having fun with them and hopefully building some great relationships.

I have titled this blog "Birds and Beads" for a purpose...

I wanted to raise some support for this trip because I want to be able to give and to bless the incredible work that Vision Rescue do, I want to be able to put more resources in their hands and ultimately, I want them to be able to accommodate more and more children because the need really seems endless.

If you would like to give a donation towards furthering their work in Mumbai, then I would love to give you the above Bird and Bead hanging thingy that I have made especially for my supporters. It doesn't matter how much or little you would like to give, any small or large contribution will together make for something big and life-changing.

My hope is that it will be a reminder, every time you pass it or look at it, to pray for me and to pray for those precious little children and people in India.

Leading up to my trip which will be for the entire month of November, I want to ask you to keep me in your prayers as I prepare my heart and mind for this amazing, life changing and challenging opportunity that lies ahead. While I am in Mumbai, I will be sending out regular updates on the work that I have been doing and what my prayer needs are.

Until next time, think, pray and decide how you can contribute, be in touch with me and I will send you a sweet little "Birds and Beads".

Much love and appreciation xo

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