Sunday, July 18, 2010

India - You are on My Mind

Dear India...

I am dreaming of you and thinking what it will be like when I hit the tarmac in the November heat.

Will it be anything I've ever experienced or seen before? Will it be like anything I have read or watched on T.V? Will it be like the media portrays it? Or how people talk about it?

I think it will be everything, yet so much more. More because of the people I meet and the way they change my life and perspective. More because of the homes that I enter that are made of cardboard, yet the atmosphere is more generous, courageous and faith filled than I could ever build. More because of the children I meet playing in the slums have the biggest and brightest smiles I will ever know. And more because it will challenge me to my very core.
India - that's the experience that I'm imagining you'll give me but I also know that it will be so much more than even I can imagine because that comes from the mind. India, you will hit me in the heart, in my emotions, in my faith and in my dreams.

I know that I will never be the same. I am preparing for my life to be changed, for my world to be rocked and for my dreams to shift.

India, you scare me because of it, but yet I feel this magnetic pull to you, stronger than ever as you get closer and closer.

Time is nearing, and so is my heart.

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