Saturday, September 26, 2009

New J.O.B + busy social life = no time

But I'm ok with that.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events, with getting my job, starting the very next day and then the children arriving the day after has been full on, but really, really, good.

I like (most!) of my class, there will always be the ones that you want to strangle on numerous occassions during the day. I have 29 four and five year olds, 7 of which are non-english speaking Polish children, three high maintaince kids who cannot sit still, 14 different languages spoken at home, 2 stubborn (youngest child syndrome!) who throw fits and won't move, and 3 children other than the Polish that don't speak - even in their own languages. So needless to say it is and will be one major challenge.

I am having fun though. These first weeks have been really interactive, getting to know eachother and figuring everything out on my part. Monday is the day - the day that I will have to put on my super teacher hat and do things like Phonics and Handwriting and Literacy instead of just playing with balls and hoops and bikes in the sun (oh how I will remember these days sweetly!).

I am part of a really great team that enjoy what they do, care about the children and are there for them (not our glamorous life and salary that we pick up at the end of the month) - that's really nice to see in London because that has not been my experience thus far.

I hate starting sentences with 'I', but here I have done it again.

My (see what I did there?!) life outside of school has been incredibly busy, exhausting, but worth every hour of sleep that I miss out on. There is so much happening in the London life and I have amazing friends that continue to keep me busy and loving life. My church continues to amaze me in every way, and I feel so privileged to be a part of something so great, and to be serving a vision so great. We had church in the O2 Arena a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hillsong London, and we had to turn away over 4000 people. What an experience!

There have been many visitors lately and I am looking forward to seeing an old friend from New Zealand who is currently living in Japan this weekend. It is exciting taking tourists around and it makes me appreciate what I have become so familiar with.

Other than that, this is my life in this moment: BUSY, FUN and FULFILLING.

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