Monday, June 23, 2014

4000 miles down...

Sitting on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, determined to have my beachy relax day despite the thick fog and sprays of rain. Nevertheless, it is beautiful. Matthew out collecting rocks, chasing dreams of the perfect rock into the small waves, failing because of optical illusions. It's been an amazing adventure so far. This is our 3rd Great Lake to hit. It wasn't our intention, it just turned out that way. We have enjoyed all the moments that have been before us, setting up camp at midnight amidst the thousands of bugs swarming, the rushed set up because of looming thunderstorms and then the night spent in our tent under thunder and giant sparks of lightening. All the places we have gone have been absolutely breathtaking, waking up to the sound of a lake, or crickets and birds chirping has been beautiful and annoying. "Arh, nature is so noisey" Matthew would say as the sun rises at 5am. 

Some of the highlights have been digging for quartz crystals in South Carolina, especially because there was only an outhouse and no running water. Embracing the true camping experience with our orange clay coat over our entire bodies and not showering for what felt like an eternity as we made our way to the capital D.C. 

Niagara Falls was another place with undeniable beauty. The shear power and body of water running over was astonishing. We went on Maid of the Midst right up to the horseshoe falls, every breath and turn into the water was greeted by a smash in the face. I laughed and laughed as we were slammed with wave after wave of water. 

We have kept a map of all the places we have gone and our journey looks quite epic, the crazy thing is we are not done yet. 

We have many stories, but here are some pictures of all that we have done so far. 

We have been so lucky to be able to spend time with friends and family along the way, especially our week in Atlantic City to celebrate Matthews mums retirement and 60th birthday.

Back to enjoying the beach...

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