Monday, June 13, 2011

Christchurch definitely not forgotten.

Friends around the world...

I ask you to keep Christchurch on your minds.

The media, for the most part had forgotten about Christchurch - until this afternoon when a series of large aftershocks hit and caused more damage, fear and concern after the major earthquake in February, preceding to the one in September (confusing I know - there's just so many!).

But to my friends and family in Christchurch, know that I have not forgotten, New Zealanders here and around the world have not forgotten and the deepest prayers, love and strength will continue to go out to you each and every day.

I have friends who still, 4 months later, do not have running water, bathrooms and full power facilities. Porta-loos or 'pottys' still hang out on every corner and the neighbourhood share much more than the street they live on. I will be there in two weeks time sharing the neighbourly love also.

Here's a picture to show the scale of what is going on thanks to a friend...

Let's all hope the earth in New Zealand begins to settle.


  1. you are not forgotten, C, and neither is Christchurch. Thanks for the update - love you across the ocean!

  2. Sure, will keep remembering city of Christchurch in my prayers and supplications!take heart...