Sunday, April 17, 2011

My brother is a champ...and glad he's still walking.

This weekend in New Zealand was one of the biggest motorsport racing events in the southern hemisphere - the v8 Supercars. My brother was invited to race in a support series and did an amazing job driving with the big boys of the track, coming in fifth position, on his last lap on his second to last turn he was doing great...


A major crash - his first. But this I am thankful for - his new and improved safety gear, seat and harness. He is sore, bruised and battered as well as extremely torn into pieces, but he walks.

The driver that clipped him after he passed was in the wrong, you can't see it this angle but Stephen gets hit in the rear, spun into a wall, then thrown across the track to hit the other wall where he came to a stop.

Urgh, it's painful, as a sister and as a supporter to see this happen. So much time, effort, energy and resources has been poured into this - what he loves doing, and at the mercy of another silly driver and his decision - it all comes crashing down.

But, again, thankful that he walked out of it - because it could have been a very different picture.

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  1. Life in the fast lane happens fast!! Glad brother is OK and that he lives to race again!! I have never understood Auto racers or bull riders, but I guess people don't understand American football players either. I played American football 8 years and now have the "limps" to prove it. We'll say a few more prayers for your bro.
    You are precious to our hearts. Love
    Papa & Mama