Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild Times.

I know that I promised a blog about someone that needs your support. Yes, I failed that. But I do hope that you have allowed God to move and you have been praying nonetheless. One of these days I will get to writing the story...

Right now needs are just so immense around the world. I can't believe the massive devastation from the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, to me its incomprehensible. I'm still in shock about New Zealands own disaster, but here the world is facing yet another, straight off Christchurchs' back.

There are so many precious people to me in Japan that are facing nuclear uncertainty, warnings of more earthquakes and subsequently more Tsunami.

I guess this is just a small plea for you to keep pressing on and praying. Life is crazy, and the events over the last couple of weeks really puts life into perspective.

Just a small Christchurch update - I think our local and national government have down a phenomenal job in guiding this city and nation through the tragedy, giving a ton of amazing support. BUT it doesn't mean everythings fine. I still have friends and family that have no home to go back to, and people with no sewage and power. Almost 3 weeks down the track - its a tough ordeal and full on props to the people living like this and getting on with their lives.

On an even more personal note, my Grannys health is not good at all. She suffered a heart attack (not fatal!) when the quake happened, and is now on more solid ground at my parents - but since then has had 2 mild strokes. I would appreciate you sending up a prayer or two for her.

Massive thanks to everyone for the support.


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