Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home to Aotearoa

I am spending a nice afternoon at Clarke Quay, among the restaurants,
boats, fish and people watching, you can't get much better than warm
tropical weather and a good ice-cream and you can get it all here.

The most fun I'm having is checking out the fish in the river, feeding
on all sorts of things. Their scales are shiny and reflective as the
graze close to the waters surface. Hundreds just huddling together and
seeing what sort of yummies they can find. Its quite a nice wee sight.

Singapore, although I've only been here 3 times after my stint here
being born and being a baby - it still feels so comfortable and homely
and like I would fit into the culture, people, climate, and life at
the snap of my fingers. Maybe its because its a city that is clean and
green, or because its so easy to get around, or maybe cos everyone
speaks English? I'm not sure of why the ease and comforts are there,
but they just are.

Its a great location and really is the gateway of Asia. Its affordable
and easy to travel to any country around the world really and the best
thing that Singapore did for itself is making it a central hub with a
giant and amazing airport. It doesn't matter if you have a 9 hour lay
over in Changi Airport, because it will really only feel like 2 once
you've gone and explored, or maybe even got a spa treatment, gone to
the botanical gardens or butterfly garden or eaten an array of amazing
food and surfed the internet for free. No painful waiting here like
there was in Entebbe or Mumbai where you literally see the seconds
pass as minutes or sometimes even hours.

So anyway, this trip to Singapore, although short - is still a
delight. I managed to catch up with a sweet friend who is Malaysian,
who I met in London, who just happened to be passing through the same
dates as me for a job interview. Funny how life works out to give you
friends all over the world. Its just grand.

As I'm getting hour by hour, closer to my departure time for New
Zealand, my heart gets more and more excited. I just can't wait to get
on that plane! I kind of am like 'ok, I'm done being on holiday, I
just want to go home now'. It feels like this past 3 years have just
been one giant holiday. Yes, I remember that I have worked, and been
on trips to Uganda, India and Vietnam to do work that is on my heart
to do...but it still feels so like I've been blessed with an amazing 3
years of holiday. I won't try too hard to remember the incredibly
tough times that I faced...but I will continue to bask in this holiday


Off to Kiwi land I go.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your writing!! Blessings on your time at home!!